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DAVYM was born David M***** of the the year 1970 in the city of Detroit, Michigan USA.

Being born and raised in southwest Detroit and Livonia, I am very familiar with  southeast Michigan, and Michigan as a whole.

All facts, stories, information, and statements posted within this site are based on truths discovered over the course of my life. Past and present.

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What is DAVYM

"DAVYM" simply is short for my name David M*****. Also known to my good friends Davy. But then some places and times, when there are more than one David's or Dave's around, it has been common practice to refer to me as "Dave M". So why not just avoid all the confusion, since David/Dave is a common name, and let's just all refer to me as Dave M all in one breath. Say DAVYM as "Dave-M" one word, two syllables. Now everyone will know who your talking about

The edifice of DAVYM

To those who are unfamiliar with the word (or term) edifice, I use it in reference to how I (DAVYM) explain or describe the moniker of DAVYM. And or how and why I coined this word DAVYM as a moniker itself.

My edifice is a complex system of beliefs and describes my attitude towards life in general, and more so my opinion existence of oneself (myself) as an individual in life.

Yes, I say our world because there are some days where you realize that we all have to get along (i.e. – live together) and some days when you just feel like fuck everyone and this world. Then reality sinks back in and you find the inner strength to per se (per se; per se; per se) carry on (Carry On) and move forward in with life.

.more to come…